June but still raining!

So the Jubilee weekend is over but we are still receiving orders for our mugs so that should keep us busy for a while yet.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves despite the weather or maybe, like true Brits, because of the weather!

I was interested to hear another firm –  interviewed  on Radio Sussex  on the same morning as we were – remark on the expense of trying to do anything to mark the Olympics. Like us they had decided NOT to risk any production that could possibly bring the power and wrath of the Olympic committee down upon their rather small and unprotected heads. We think we will not  even draw attention to ourselves by continuing to fly the Union Jack after this week; luckily the sporting figures that we do make, are not exactly hugely popular Olympic sports anyhow.

So we can safely have a window of our Rye Pottery Golfers and Cricketers with no danger of a writ, I might even include the Rye Gardeners or the Rye Chef as so far I have not heard  that either gardening or cooking are included in the 2012 line-up!

Biddy Cole