Noticed in the papers.

Last week we were saddened but interested to see an obituary of cartoonist Ronald Searle that used a photograph of him standing in his studio. Just behind him was a lovely 50s Rye Pottery Jug holding his paint brushes.

(You can see the picture here).

Spotting the Rye Pot is always a fun game – they seem to come up in Midsomer Murders frequently, though so far no piece has been the actual murder weapon!

Last week was also the anniversary of the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066 and the accession to the English throne of  Harold the following day; so much for his promises to William, perhaps like many politicians the opportunity  of holding  power made it worthwhile jettisoning his principles.

For the next 9 weeks the railway from Ashford  to Hastings via Rye  will be closed for major repairs, so if you are visiting Rye  it  will be simpler to travel by car until the end of March.