Spring has sprung!

leaf-corners-and-flowers-4cropped-Small1-250x246At last we can feel that whatever the weather now does it will still be spring, the trees are all in bud and the birds are singing at least when they are not fighting. Rye is thankfully back on the railway map, and one set of roadworks on the East of Rye has been completed and we are promised the Western approaches will be finished by March 30th.

Here at Rye Pottery we cannot seem to  make enough of our little Diamond Jubilee tankards, almost all the current batch we have in production are already ordered, but we are not grumbling about that!

I am often asked why we do not sell directly from our web site; this is because we do not seem to have a lot of stock or inventory, as its called in the USA, and rather than annoy customers by being unable to fulfil an order, at least  if we are in personal contact with them  I can explain the problems. I will always email a price list so please email me if that is what is needed.

We have  finally managed to get round to taking a lot of hand painted tile photographs as we are planning a proper Rye Tiles page;  so while we organise that here are some Rye Tiles to whet your appetites as the nesting and spring cleaning season really gets going.