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Rye Pottery's Prince Regent designed by Neal French

The Prince Regent or Prinny as he was sometimes known

Years ago we were asked by Brighton Pavilion to produce a pair of Regency figures based on some of their wonderfully vicious James Gillray cartoons.One of the figures was The Prince Regent and the other was Maria Fitzherbert.

Rye Pottery's Mrs Maria Fitzherbert designed by Neal French

Mrs Maria Fitzherbert

Their unrecognised morganatic marriage took place on 15th December 1785, but sadly, despite his genuine love for her, his increasing debts and extravagance meant  he had to to agree to King George III’s terms and in 1795 he  married his cousin Princess Caroline of Brunswick.

This royal alliance was  a disaster from day one, resulting in an official separation a year later, and producing such dislike on both sides that as George IV in 1820 he even forbade her admittance to his Coronation.

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