Candy Stripe Little B8 Bowls £35

Another absolute Rye Pottery Classic, making a tentative comeback after popular demand. Some of you may have spotted them occasionally appearing in our shop in Rye as our talented decorating team worked on learning a new pattern (no rulers mind).

So, drum roll please, Candy Stripe is now available as a hand-painted decoration for our extremely useful little bowls. We think his delicate little stripe works particularly well on smallest size bowl.

Available in
Cobalt Blue
Flamingo Pink
Paris Green
London Stone

£28 each

Available from stock or hand-painted to order. We don’t like a hard-sell but because they’re hand-thrown AND hand-made, if you want to use them as a set we’d suggest you have them hand-painted to order to ensure they as close in size and colour weight as we can make them.


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D: 11cm