Bayeux Tapestry &1066

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As a Sussex-based firm with a strong medieval following we feel a natural affinity with the story of William the Conqueror & 1066 The Battle of Hastings. Creatively, this ongoing collection is inspired by both the real 1066 story and the Bayeux Tapestry itself. There are now 5 characters in the series, including almost the only woman featured and the latest is Bishop Odo, Earl of Kent and Bishop of Bayeux. Technically these are some of the most complex and ambitious figures we produce. The colour palette is designed to evoke the early middle ages, dominated by Coral, Tan, Chestnut Brown, & a Smoky Grey that brings the intricate hand-painted armour to life. This is an ongoing series with new figures in the pipeline. These are often a popular gift for English lit and medieval history buffs.

Available exclusively direct from us. To pay for your order you need to drop us an email at and we'll send you an online link or you can pay over the phone +44 (0)1797 223038. Figures in this range are eligible for free p&p to mainland UK addresses. Prices range from £104.50 to £252.00.