Edward The Confessor & Duke Harold £252.00

Edward The Confessor & Duke Harold

This striking piece in the 1066 Bayeux Tapestry inspired series features Edward the Confessor in conversation with Duke Harold.

The scene closely resembles one of the opening images on the Bayeux Tapestry itself and features an incredible amount of hand-painted detail.

Our Battle of Hastings Collection has been conceived to mirror the narrative style of the Bayeux Tapestry, telling the story of one of the country’s most famous battles through a series of figures and vignettes. The palette is also tightly controlled and focuses on colours similar to those in the Tapestry itself, so comprises Chestnut Brown, Russet, soft Charcoal Grey, Dark Green, Coral and Black.

Now consisting five different figures – the latest is Bishop Odo, Earl of Kent and former Bishop of Bayeux –  this series is still being developed with new figures in the pipeline.

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ht 23 cm / 11.125 in