Cottage Stripe Bowls

We now have four sizes of hand-thrown and hand-painted bowls.

Fruit/Salad Bowl – £110 – Also a decent sized serving bowl. Hand thrown so sizes will vary but is roughly 24cm diameter at the top and 11.5cm high. Not shown in the picture to the left.

The B8m Noodle Bowl – £45 – Pasta, rice, noodles or good as a serving dish and holds over a dozen eggs or lemons and limes. Hand thrown so sizes will vary but roughly 18.5cm diameter and 8.5cm tall

The B21M Cereal Bowl – £40 – Perfect for soup, cereal, pudding, sauces, nibbles, and will take for example a full packet of Carr’s Water Biscuits. Sizes will vary but roughly 16cm diameter and 8 cm high. 

The B8 Little Bowl – £35 – very useful for sugar, sweets, jam, cream, mini biscuits, weaning, tapas, nuts & olive…we could go on! Hand thrown so sizes will vary but roughly 11cm diameter and 6 cm high!

Rye Pottery’s classic Cottage Stripe bowls are available in 8 colourways – Cobalt Blue, Pink, Paris Green, London Stone, Coral, Blue Green, Denmark Green & Black.

Please call or email if you would like to order.

More Info

Fruit Bowl £110 Noodle £45 Cereal £40 Little Bowl £35