Cottage Stripe Bowls

We now have four sizes of hand-thrown and hand-painted bowls.

Fruit/Salad Bowl – £90 – Also a decent sized serving bowl.

The B8m Noodle Bowl – £45 – Pasta, rice, noodles or good as a serving dish 

The B21M Cereal Bowl – £32 – Perfect for soup, cereal, pudding, sauces, nibbles 

The B8 Little Bowl – £28 – very useful for sugar, sweets, jam, cream, mini biscuits, weaning, tapas…we could go on!

Rye Pottery’s classic Cottage Stripe bowls are available in 8 colourways – Cobalt Blue, Pink, Paris Green, London Stone, Coral, Blue Green, Denmark Green & Black.

Please call or email if you would like to order.

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More Info

Fruit Bowl £90 Noodle £45 Cereal £32 Little Bowl £28