Cottage Stripe Jugs from £55

Certainly a contestant for our most famous design, hand-made & hand-painted Cottage Stripe Jugs – a true British classic. Please be warned that our Jugs are produced in very limited numbers every year and we are operating a sizeable waiting list – months not weeks – so if it’s for a specific date please get in touch sooner rather than later.

And don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of these pieces. Using just a brush to create straight lines on a curved surface (no ruler mind) when the paint is sucked up the second it hits the unfired glaze takes an awful lot of practice. And skill. Our post-war paintress-turned thrower Pam Goddard reckoned if you could paint Rye Pottery’s Cottage Stripes onto these curvaceous jugs, well, you could paint anything.

Available in three sizes; Small/Cream, Medium/Half Pint and Large/Pint. As well as being useful but decorative items, these look particularly good with garden flowers in.

Now available in eight colourways: Cobalt Blue, Pink, Paris Green, London Stone, Denmark Green, Coral, Blue Green & Black.

The Cobalt Blue is currently our most popular colourway, not least with collectors of Blue & White ceramics.

Large (Pint) 14/15cm High
Medium (Half Pint) 12/12.5cm High
Small (Cream)  10.5cm High

Lg £75 Med £65 Sm £55

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Large (Pint) 14/15cm High Medium (Half Pint) 12/12.5cm High Small (Cream)  10.5cm High