Miss Simplicity from £60

Introducing Miss Simplicity, a fresh re-invention of one of Rye Pottery’s best-known and eagerly collected Mid-Century pieces.

Originally designed as an oil and vinegar bottle by our post-war co-founder Jack Cole, this piece has been out of formal production and the Rye Pottery Collection for decades.

Sporting a contemporary redesign for the 21st Century, Miss Simplicity now has her head fixed firmly in place, which in fact has been turned round  a full 180 degrees! (Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt) We think her new stance, complete with fresh decoration give her an enchanting, if demure, demeanour.

Decorated individually using free-hand brush work & a Sgrafitto design we call Tracery, Miss Simplicity sports a beautiful textured white dress, & comes in 3 sizes and 4 colours:

Classic Cobalt Blue
Flamingo Pink
Fresh Paris Green
Sultry Black

We hope you like her!

Large £80 and 28.5cm high
Med £70 and 25cm high
Sm £60 and 22cm high

Small £60 Medium £70 Large £80

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Large 28.5cm high - Med 25cm high - Sm 22cm high