Naive Nativity £197.50

The Naive Nativity

Another of our favourite pieces. Full of charm and packed with detail, this figure depicts a serene Mary & Child. While the sheep and cattle look on, the Angels herald the child’s arrival.

And don’t forget to check the back, where you’ll find two Shepherds celebrating the birth too with the Angel’s perching up above.

Please do click the thumbnails below to see all the elements. This range carries the most intricate details on a physically very small piece and really shows off our paintresses talents. Tiny, tiny brushes are used here and this piece takes an absolute age to paint and an extraordinary eye for detail.

The palette here makes use of several Blues, including Delphinium, Cobalt and Garter alongside Dark Chocolatey Brown and warm Coral, Russett and Chetsnut.

Designed by Tarquin Cole & and modeled originally by Chris O’Donoghue

£197.50 free mainland UK p&p

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ht 14.25 cm 5.75 in