New England Settlers £197.50

The New England Settlers

A delightful piece created specifically for our many loyal international customers.

This figure was conceived to create a dedicated piece for collectors of our American Heroes series who were taken by the simplicity and naivity of our Pastoral collection. And we think the first settlers were a wonderful match for the design concept of this series.

The gentle colours of this piece take you back in time to the fierce, brave and dangerous world of starting afresh in the new lands. Our delicate Olive, Tan and the Dark Drown used to create the detail of the wood on their basic, hand-made cabin is particularly hard to produce on such a small scale. The gentle tones of Damson for Mrs’ dress gives just the right lift of colour to keep a woman’s spirits up while tackling a brave new world. The faithful dogs by their side are charming but essential in the new Frontier.

Designed by Tarquin Cole & modelled by Chris O’Donoghue


£197.50 free mainland UK p&p

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ht 15cm 6 in