The Rye Wedding £197.50

The Rye Wedding

This is arguably the most elegant piece in our naïve series of pastoral English figures.

As the doting groom gazes at his beautiful new wife, the Bride herself seems to be allowing herself to enjoy the moment, finally basking in the glow of her big day – it really is just as she’d always pictured it.

We also love the two sweet little bridesmaids, who have the slight air of two smalls who’ve managed to behave themselves ALL the way through the ceremony and are now anticipating the promised treat or bribe.

The palette here is soft, elegant and as co-ordinated as any carefully orchestrated 21st Century. The colours featured are Rye White, Dark Green, Flamingo Pink and London Stone.

Rye is a hugely popular marriage venue these days, and rightly so in our opinion – what could be more perfect than a Rye Wedding?

Designed by Tarquin Cole & Chris O’Donoghue

£197.50 free mainland UK p&p

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ht 17cm 6.75 in