Shepherd Neame & His Wife of Sussex £197.50

Shepherd Neame & His Wife of Sussex

We’re not sure about the origins of the name for this piece, but it’s without doubt a simple, country figure depicting a humble Shepherd and his wife.

With their charming two sheep at their side, these are hard-working country folk who spend their days tending their animals and tilling the land. Farming is one of those classic professions that seems to simple to those on the outside, but its tough work as every shepherd and farmer knows. There’s no breaks at Christmas or on your birthday, the animals still need to be looked after and fed, though the addition of quad bikes these days does at least make getting around the fields a tad quicker. Though you still have to open the gates!

This is a great addition to any country home with soft, gentle colours and a unique country charm. A perfect gift for the smallest, err, smallholder to the biggest sheep farmer.

Designed and originally modelled by Joan de Bethel

£197.50 free mainland UK p&p

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height 15cm / 6in