Stripey Round Teracotta Vases £35

This is one of latest additions to our popular collection of hand-thrown terracotta vases.

We’ve given them a test run in our Rye shop and they’e proved really popular. Carefully thrown on the wheel, the hand-painted black stripe compliments the curvacious shape in the way only a straight line on a curved object can.

We also have these in our scratched through “Sgraffito” design, with or without the “RYE” stamp on the front, to match our existing “Conical” and “Flask” designs, which you can see if you click here.

Do note that these are absolutely guaranteed to vary in both shape and depth of colour but will be in the spirit of those pictured here.

Heights vary but 11-12 cm is a good guide to their size and they’re about 9cm at their widest point.

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