The Bull & Cow £45 ea

How now, well, three-different breeds of cow actually.

These charming pairs of Bull & Cow are sold separately or together and come in three classic colour-ways, for now. The soft, gentle face of our Cow has melted many a cattle man and woman’s heart, while the proud Bull carries that assured air that anyone familiar with the male of the species will recognise.

So choose from the classic Black & White Friesians, the soft Jersey pair or ever popular with the local community, the Sussex Cows painted with our classic Chesenut Brown.

If you like this pair, why not take a look at our many other animals, we’ve got sheep, goats, chickens and a lot of pigs!

The Cow & Bull were modelled exclusively for us at Rye Pottery by renowned scultpor and ceramicist Tony Bennett.

£45.00 each £90 per pair

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Cow 13 cm 5.125in,

Bull 14.5 cm 5.625