The Chaucer Hounds £72 ea

The Chaucer Hounds

The Monk was the first wealthy religious figure we added to the Canterbury Tales Pilgrims so to help demonstrate this we decided to guild his lily and give him elegant hunting hounds.

The Hounds are often collected by non Chaucer fans as their timeless quality allows them to fit into any interior style, so do NB that they are sold separately to the Monk himself. This figure proved so popular with our Chaucer collectors that we added new colourways to this figure giving them a simple country feel for our animal collectors.

These is simple piece with a great sense of movement and wonderful little touches including the collars and even the paws.

You can see more images of the other colourways if you click here.

More Info

Height 10.2cm or 4 inches - Length 15cm or 6 inches - Base Depth just under 4.5cm or 1 ¾ inches