The Country Gardener £197.50

The Country Gardener

A handsome chap, The Country Gardner has a host of wonderful detail but first mention must go to the incredible brushwork that goes into the hand-painting of the wooden fence behind him.

At his feet are a set of not-terribly-carefully-balanced pots, in a rich terracotta and a generous pile of something delicious, just freshly picked – Cauliflowers or Cabbages, you decide. He’s also clutching one to his chest giving the clear sense of pride every gardener recognises when the crop comes up good after all that work, represented in his other hand in the form of his hoe. We also particularly like his textured hat and leather chaps – this is serious work come rain or shine. 

Modeled by Neal French, the Country Gardener is designed to pair perfectly with his female counterpart, The County Gardener, who you can see if you click here. Together they will serve as delicate book ends to a small number of small books, so don’t overload them!

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ht 26.5 cm / 10.38 inches