The Shepherds £197.50 ea

The Shepherds

The Rye take on the Shepherds in the Christmas story. These are popular figures alongside our English Animals collection but were original designed to offer a peaceful and calming addition to our sensitive central Nativity scene of Mary Joseph and Child. 

As with the entirety of our Nativity Collection, these three are designed by Gordon Davies and also work well with some of our animal figures to produce a gentle country scene.

From left: Shepherd with Crook, Shepherd & dog, Shepherd & lamb


Shepherd with Crook  ht 25 cm 10 in,

Shepherd & dog 21.5 cm 8.75 in,

Shepherd & lamb ht 28 cm 11 in

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£197.50 each free mainland UK p&p

£550.00 set of 3

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