Mother & Child – The Ewe & Lamb £86

We think this is a piece that really captures the touching bond between a mum and her new baby. It’s the closeness and effortlessness of the cuddle, with the Lamb nestled snuggly into the warmth of the Ewe.

The faces of this ceramic figure are predominantly a soft brown, decorated by hand using freehand brushwork & careful sponging. But the main white bodies of the two sheep are textured, using a technique known as Sgraffito. This accentuates the soft, curved shape of the figure, giving the glaze a texture that makes you want to stroke the Mother.

And we reckon she deserves a stroke having just produced that little fella.

Also available in London Stone with a Leaf Green base, this handmade piece is a good choice for a Mother’s Day Gift and adds a subtle touch of the English Countryside to any interiors scheme.


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Length 24 cm/9in